Amazing Benefits Of Microdermabrasion In 2021

benefits of microdermabrasion

What is microdermabrasion?

If you’re looking for a quick and innovative skincare savior, it’s time to explore the benefits of microdermabrasion. A word like microdermabrasion may sound scary, and you may be wondering if undergoing such an experience would be uncomfortable or unsafe.

Fears surrounding any procedure are normal but don’t judge this option by its name.  Medical News Today takes a detailed look into microdermabrasion hereOpens in a new tab..

Microdermabrasion is considered to be not invasive, not painful, and is very commonly performed. Usually, those interested in this form of treatment will book an appointment with a licensed dermatologist or esthetician. 

How long does microdermabrasion take? 

Think about how long it takes you to do your full skin care routine. By the time you put on a facial mask and wash it off, dab on your moisturizer, add some serum, and apply an acne cream to any blemishes, you may have taken thirty minutes or more.

In the same amount of time, you can transform your skin with microdermabrasion. Some professional facials or treatments can take an hour or more, but this popular strategy to clear skin is something you could even do during your lunch hour.

You should be able to treat yourself to a special skin clearing session without sacrificing much work time or needing to give up precious moments with friends and family.

What happens to your skin after microdermabrasion? 

So what happens once you’re ready to dedicate the quick thirty to forty minutes it takes to perform microdermabrasion? To put it simply, get ready to become a snake!

No, magic isn’t going to actually transform you into a reptile, but you will have something in common with that particular animal. Just like how snakes and other creatures shed their skin, you will too during your microdermabrasion appointment.

benefits of microdermabrasion

The professional who is lending you their expertise will use a wand to rub or spray fine crystals on your face and/or neck. This process is done with the goal of exfoliating the skin and removing the outermost layer, revealing a younger and radiant-looking complexion underneath.

Insecurities are a completely normal part of the human experience. While self acceptance is important, it is okay to be honest with yourself if you are not totally satisfied with the appearance of your skin. 

What can the benefits of microdermabrasion help with? 

Microdermabrasion is very commonly used to assist patients with skin challenges such as uneven tone, uneven texture, dullness, sun damage, wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, dark spots that linger after acne heals, scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

If you were nodding your head to any of those skin stressors, you may be an excellent candidate for this easy cosmetic procedure.

Can microdermabrasion help with acne?

If acne is typically not exactly your best friend, you may be in luck. Microdermabrasion can potentially work wonders on acne scars, but there is a catch. The marks that you have must not be too deep in your skin. If you go against this advice, the procedure could very well worsen these marks.

Additionally, those on the medication accutane should postpone booking a microdermabrasion session for at least six months to avoid any permanent scarring. Got active breakouts? This skin care secret can help that too! Built up sebum, or oil, is released during this procedure, reducing the amount of breakouts on the skin and unclogging pores. 

When you take a peek in the mirror after you take a leap of faith and try this quick and easy option, you will find that your skin care products like moisturizers, skin-lightening products, and creams will absorb even better into the skin than pre-microdermabrasion. 

How much does microdermabrasion cost? 

You now know how long it takes, what it is frequently used to combat, and the main benefits of microdermabrasion, but there is one big question that we’re sure you’re dying to know the answer to. How much does it cost? 

As common with these sorts of procedures, the answer is that it depends. Several factors come into play when the final bill for microdermabrasion is calculated, including the qualifications and experience of the professional performing the work.

Where the clinic, spa, or other skin care business is located can also affect the price of this service. It can cost between $75 to $200, with the national average in the United States being $136 per treatment. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is considered a cosmetic undertaking, it is not covered by most insurance. 

How many treatments are needed to see the benefits of microdermabrasion? 

Those considering this option should keep in mind that just one treatment will not provide you with those selfie-worthy results you probably desire. Normally, it takes anywhere between five and sixteen treatments. The period of time that you attend the sessions is entirely up to you, so you could make this work within your budget by spreading out the bookings if needed. You could complete your microdermabrasion appointment over a period of a few months or even a year.

Now that you know what microdermabrasion is and the benefits of it, get ready to shed your skin and reveal a brand new you! If you give this simple procedure a shot, you will be on your way to a pain-free experience that leads to better and brighter skin thanks to the countless benefits of microdermabrasion. 

What are the alternatives to microdermabrasion?

If you are not yet ready for microdermabrasion, there are some alternatives. Of course, we would always recommend you start with mewing, try out the face yoga method or just chew some mastic gum which is in our review of the best chewing gum for your jawline.

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