The Best Face Exercise Videos on YouTube

The Best Face Exercise Videos on YouTube

When it comes to face yoga and facial exercises, sometimes you need to see them as face exercise videos, so they are done properly and can emulate the techniques. With so many videos on YouTube about face yoga, fitness, and facial exercises, it’s hard to tell which one works. After all, if the face exercise is not isolating muscle groups, it might be doing more harm than good in the long run.

If you’ve read our recent mega-article on face exercises, you’ll know that we’ve put so much time and research into these face fitness methods. These are the facialists who were found to be not only doing the correct techniques but demonstrated it in easily understood videos.

We narrowed our video selection to our top face exercises videos.

Tanaka Face Contouring and Face Massages

With 8 million views, this video has proved to be very popular. The video focuses on combining face exercises with face contouring through face massages.

The massage, much like shiatsu, focuses on pressure points for lymphatic drainage and good circulation. The emphasis is not only on training and stretching the facial muscle but also on reducing cellulite and incorporating poses.

The video itself seems to have been uploaded from a pre-recorded Chinese instruction video. So if you are picky, yes it is dubbed. But play some good music in the background and follow along with the model on screen… you’ll be closer to zen face exercise heaven in no time.

Anti-aging, Face Lifting Massage by Abigail James

Uploaded by skincare expert and professional facialist Abigail James, this video promises exercises which will make your face gravity- and age-defying. It shows simple ways to effectively sculpt the face to give vibrancy.

Geared towards viewers who are interested in incorporating face exercises into their skincare rituals, James includes criss-cross movement and more skin-deep engagement. It is recommended to do these exercises 1-2 times per week along with some sort of lubrication (an oil or cleanser, depending on your skin type). It is a good way to enact some self-love by taking care of your skin while making sure your face has a bright glow.

Face Lifting Massage by Dr. Mona Vand

When it comes to wellness and beauty, Dr. Mona Vand is in the big leagues. She is a founder of the Modern Pharmacist movement, wherein pharmaceutical practice is aligned with wellness and mindfulness. She has been featured on NBC, The Telegraph, The Doctors, and more.

In this video, Dr. Vand imparts the art of face massage as an act of self=love and self=care. The video stresses the importance of lymphatic drainage and lymphatic stimulation to get rid of toxins and wastes. Overall, it offers a hybrid massage exercise tutorial for firming, detoxing, and toning the skin. She also focuses on relaxation and breaking up muscle tension around the jaw. So go ahead… oh, you might need to pause video sometimes to follow along with Dr. Vand’s wise face-lifting wisdom.

Face Yoga with Uma

Uma is a Dubai-based award-winning TV Producer, Presenter, Certified holistic health and wellness coach, as well as a wellness advocate. In this video, she is joined by Dana, an expert from Lifenone, a renowned Dubai wellness center.

Dana highlights specific poses that can be done in the morning and evening to bring life to the facial muscles. For mornings, she illustrates poses that target puffy eyes, drooping lips, chubby cheeks, and a dull jawline. During the night, she suggests acupressure aimed at releasing stress in the forehead, beck, cheeks, and jaw.

Like Uma says, it is important to have a healthy way to live. So why not start from the neck up?

5 Face Exercise Videos By Fumiko Takatsu

Fumiko Takatsu’s Face Yoga Method has so many followers. Her program has a repertoire of 70 face yoga poses targeting various specific problems.

In this video, she highlights 5 exercises that promote a holistically glowing and toned face. These are the “The Big O,” “Yummy Face,” “Swan Neck,” “Detox,” and “Mini Facelift.” Each pose has a targeted problem area, from warming up the face to addressing nasolabial lines. What is great about Fumiko’s tutorial is that it always ends with a smile, much like a yogic namaste.

So go ahead and incorporate any of these face exercises videos into your daily skincare or pre-sleep routine. We promise that you will see positive results while also giving yourself some much-deserved self-gratitude and self-love.

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