Instant Facelift Tapes for That Special Night Out

how can I get an instant facelift?

Toning your face takes work and doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why skincare and beauty specialists have come up with alternative ways to temporarily get the slimmer face you’ve been looking for. For those of us who aren’t interested in committing to a facial exercise routine or even plastic surgery, there may be an easier alternative: “instant” facelifts.

How Are ‘Instant Facelifts’ Even Possible?

Instant facelifts work something like this: take your index fingers and place them in front of your ears and your thumbs at the end of your jaw. Pull your skin back and up slightly. Do you like the way your face looks in this position? What you are effectively doing is tightening your skin with your fingers. Instant face-lifts recreate this same effect invisibly, lifting your sagging skin for the entire day.

Instant facelifts tapes are invisible adhesive patches that gently pull back your skin thus slimming your face. By slimming the chin and neck, you can shed years off your age for a special night out or whenever you want that extra bit of confidence.

Now, we obviously don’t recommend instant facelift products for long-term use. If anything, they’re mainly for a little extra glamour for a special outing. And they’re fun to use because the results are immediate after being put in place. Instant facelifts just might give you the touch-up you need before a special night out and make you look many years younger. No one will know your secret!

Instant Facelift Tape You Should Try

The best thing about instant do-it-yourself facelifts is that they are so easy to apply. Here are our reviews for the facelift tapes, bands, and patches we found to be most effective.

120-Piece Tapes for Instant Face, Neck, and Eye Lift by CosmeSearch

One of the most popular instant facelift tapes, this product has received significant buzz because it is virtually invisible with no discomfort. After receiving raving reviews, we decided to try it out ourselves and were pleasantly surprised: it as easy to apply and, most importantly, it noticeably makes the skin perkier and more vibrant.

facelift tape

This is hands down the best facelift tape on the market today for lifting the skin under the jaw and eyes.

Instant Face, Neck and Eye Lift by CosmeSearch

Instant Face, Neck and Eye Lift is similar to the above-mentioned 120-Piece Tapes but also comes with face and neck lift tapes for both light and dark hair colors. The kit includes 40 pieces of face lift tapes as well so you can tighten your face skin easily.

instant facelift tape

Ultra Secret Lift Pro — Instant Neck Lift by CosmeSearch

Similar to theInstant Face, Neck and Eye Lift, Ultra Secret Life Pro specifically works to tighten the skin on your neck and jawline. Each kit includes 12 neck and jaw lifts which are breathable and last all day. A convenient, instant neck lift with no assembly required.

face lift tape

Secret Lift Pro — Face and Eye Lift by CosmeSearch

Another product by CosmeSearch, Inc., Secret Life Profocuses on the eyes and upper-half of the face to eliminate wrinkles for the duration of wear. Each kit comes with 12 pre-assembled face and eye lifts.

secret lift pro

Instant Face and Neck Lift by Art Harding

An instant facelift meant to reduce sagging jowls and tighten your chin. Unlike the other products on this list, this face lift tape can be used multiple times. Well-suited for a temporary facelift for a special occasion.

instant face and neck lift

Invisible Face Lifting Patch by TCHRules

This so-called “three second facelift” will leave you with a thinner face without anyone noticing. Both waterproof and sweatproof, these instant face lift tape adhesives last for up to 10 hours.

invisible lifting patch

With the help of gentle adhesive tape and patches, instant facelifts are possible and will roll back your age by many years for at least just a special night. Even if you’re just intrigued by the idea, try them out! You just might love them.

Instant’ Facelift Creams and Serums

Instant Facelift Serums and Creams

Now, you might’ve heard of “instant facelift creams” which claim to tighten your face immediately after application. The reality is that most of these so-called instant facelift creams are knockoffs of existing serums and face masks, but claim instantaneous results. As a rule, always be skeptical of these. If you want fast noticeable results, you’re better off trying bands or tape before going out instead of applying serums expecting results immediately.

However, there are some serums on the market today which surprised us in how quickly they produce results. These are our picks for facelift creams that might as well be called “instant” because they work so fast. Of course, you should apply these quite often to maintain their beautifying effects.

Instant Age-back, Ageless Facelift Cream by VitaYes

This facelift cream works best on your eyes, reducing eye bags and dark circles very quickly after application. Includes the natural ingredient argireline which is the secret to its formula. You will see a visible glow to your face after use.

best facelift cream

My Perfect Facial by My Perfect Cosmetics Company

This facelift cream tightens and tones your skin thus giving your entire appearance a lift quickly after application. The serum’s formula includes B-Hydroxy acid and a unique blend of herbs, fruit acids, proteins, minerals, and enzymes which are designed to clean out deep impurities and provide glow. The entire procedure of application and drying takes about 20 minutes, after which you will see an “instant” facelift.

best facelist cream

Instant Facelift by COS Naturals

Although we are generally skeptical of serums with “instant facelift” in their name, this one has been well-recognized for actually working! We were surprised when we tried it. Highly rated and recommended, this cream will provide you with a facelift very quickly after use. As an affordable anti-wrinkle cream, this is one of the best.

instant facelift cream

To best maintain your appearance, we recommend using face masks daily to keep your skin vibrant. It’s also a relaxing beauty routine you should get in the habit of doing.

Additionally, face rollers and massagers will help your skin better absorb these serums, thus making them much more effective. So if you’re serious, choose one and stick with it!—Or you can just stay with the instant facelift tapes and bands. Trust us, nobody will notice anything other than your improved appearance.

Have other tips and tricks for getting an instant facelift? Any facelift bands or serums you’ve tried which have been successful for you? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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