The Best Mastic Gum Steel Jawline Gum In 2023?

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Jawline exercisers are everywhere these days! There are so many different rubber ball devices and all claim to chisel your jawline. Do they actually work though? Well, you should try to for yourself, but I know what I think… Here’s a hint, it’s about the best mastic gum!

More men and women are becoming open to the possibility that they can improve their jawlines with exercise. Your jawline clearly is not just determined by your genetics. For example: losing weight will obviously tighten up the skin around your face and neck- giving you a sharper jawline. That’s not from genetics!

But there’s an old “jawline exercise” that is making a BIG comeback. People are seeing before and after jawline pics on Youtube and in their Instagram feeds- and they want a piece of the action!

Let me introduce you to an old (but extremely effective) method for chiseling your jawline: mastic gum.  In fact, we think we have found the best mastic gum on the market!

Why Chewing Mastic Gum Is The Best Jawline Exercise

Mastic Gum as a jawline exercise is growing in popularity. It’s an old bodybuilder method that has resurfaced, or at least become widespread knowledge. Here’s why it is so effective:

  • 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: that’s why it works so well. Regular gum is like trying to build muscle by walking a marathon. Mastic Gum is like a 200kg squat for 10 reps. Which one builds more muscle?
  • Sugar Free: mastic gum is grown- not made in a factory. It’s 100% natural and sugar free. You can chew it for as long as you want (until your jaw gets too tired). You don’t need to worry about fitting it into your diet.
  • Chew Anywhere, Anytime: you can workout your jaw by chewing gum no matter what you’re doing- working, walking or watching TV. Many other jawline exercisers and “rubber balls” are awkward and aren’t convenient to take around with you during the day.

Have You Heard About Steel Jawline Gum?

Steel Jawline Gum is our favorite premium mastic gum. It’s almost always sold out, probably for these reasons:

  • A Sharper Jawline or it’s Free: they promise to give you a sharper jawline with one pack of gum. Or they’ll give you your money back. It must work, otherwise, they’d be out of business.
  • EVERY Piece Is High Quality: the pieces are hand picked by private farmers on the Greek island Chios. They are thoroughly washed and filtered 2 times to make sure only the hardest and clearest mastiha crystals remain. Many other gums have small “gritty” pieces of sand and dirt contained inside them which can damage your teeth. 
  • You Know What You’re Getting: sometimes finding decent mastic gum is like picking a winning race horse. Instead of trying 15 different sources, testing and experimenting for yourself- just buy Steel Jawline Gum once. It works, it’s the best and it’ll save you time and energy.
  • Membership To The Jawline Building Community: when you buy Steel Jawline Gum, you get free membership into a reddit community, email newsletter and How-To YouTube channel. All of these are dedicated to helping you on your jawline journey.

The Story Behind Steel Jawline Gum

Steel Jawline Gum is created by Matt Phelps. If you want inspiration and some solid tips: read his jawline before and after story. He’d been trying to improve his jawline for 5 years before he found “the only thing that really works”.

Matt tried every single jaw exercise and product on the market. He experimented with every type of chewing gum, but never got any results.  If you are looking for a simple exercise start with mewing.

“But then he found the best mastic gum…!”

4 years into his journey he found out about mastic gum. Matt had tried all types of gums before, but this one was different because it was so much harder than the others. Maybe because it was 10x harder, it was 10x more effective?

He bought his first pack of mastic gum and starting chewing straight away- it wasn’t even hard! It was a only tiny bit harder than normal gum! Matt tried and tested 15 mastic gums varieties from around the world without success. It was hit-and-miss but eventually, Matt found the best gum that actually was 10x harder than regular. It was grown on a private farm, on a tiny island in the Greek archipelago.

Holy heck! Matt built significant size in his jaw muscles in the first month of chewing this pure mastic gum. All his male friends were asking how he did it and where they could get some of this gum…

Matt struggled to find a clean, hard, and effective mastic gum. That’s why he started Steel Jawline Gum- so nobody else would have to do all that. They can just buy Steel Jawline Gum and know that they are getting high-quality gum- that is proven to actually work!

The Steel Jawline gum comes with a money back guarantee.

How Does Steel Jawline Gum Work?

Chewing Steel Jawline Gum will work out and grow the masseter muscles on the side of your jaw. There are certain chewing “techniques” that are better than others if you really want to build a “male model” jawline:

To Get a “Male Model” Jawline, chew jawline gum using your:

  • Front 2 incisor teeth
  • Lateral incisor teeth
  • Canine teeth
best gum to sharpen jawline
By chewing primarily with these front teeth rather than the back molars, you stimulate the aesthetic portion of your masseter. That’s the outer, lower head of the masseter. Focusing on that area is key to building a wider and more chiseled Brad Pitt style jawline.

Read Matt’s guide to finding the best chewing workout for you.

How Often Should I Chew? How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Men will see results after 1 container. One container usually lasts a few weeks. So that means you’ll see a visible difference to each side of your jaw within that timeframe.

Sadly Steel Jawline Gum isn’t a miracle maker. Building any muscle in your body isn’t “easy”. The masseter muscle is no different. If you’ve never worked out your jaw before, you’ve got some “newbie gains” to look forward to. These come quickly and you’ll likely be very satisfied with the changes. But if you want a serious “Brad Pitt” jawline – keep chewing for at least 6 months.

To grow your jaw’s masseter muscles is the same as for any other muscle. Follow a routine that’s been proven to work and increase the intensity as you get stronger. Steel Jawline Gum is the best way to turn up the intensity.

Are There Risks With Chewing Mastic Gum?

While mastic gum is incredibly effective for building the masseter muscle on the side of your jawline- there are a few things to consider:

  • Jaw Pain & TMJ: over chewing can stress your jaw muscles too much. This can lead to tightness or tension in the muscles and possible cramps. Make sure you stretch your jaw after each workout and don’t chew too many days in a row.
  • Sensitive Gums & Teeth: remember, mastic gum is 10x harder than regular gum. That means it can be tough on your teeth and gums if you are sensitive. If you have mouth sores or wounds, we recommend that you wait for them to heal before chewing.
  • Is This What You Really Want?: are larger masseter muscles and a more masculine jawline something you want? Perhaps this is not desirable for some females? Please consider before chewing mastic gum.

Our Mastic Gum Recommendation

You can’t lose with Steel.  If you don’t get the results you want- you’ll get your money back. Simple as that. 

The service Matt offers is unbeatable. He genuinely seems to be helping others improve their jawlines with his formula. And the thorough tutorials and relentless support make the process very simple.

Where Can I Find Out More About Steel Jawline Gum?

You can buy Steel Jawline Gum on their website. Matt has also written some great tutorials on how to get the best jawline you can. We recommend you check them out:

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