Do Face Masks and Lifting Patches Work?

Moisturizing face masks are designed to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it youthful and soft. Best of all, unlike face exercises, they can be worn and then forgotten about while still giving you beautifying results.

What Are Face Masks for?

The idea behind anti-wrinkle face masks and patches is simple: they’re meant to worn so that your skin maintains its elasticity and vibrancy. They also give your skin glow for a natural, healthy look. This beauty tool is meant to your face supple texture, reduce wrinkles, and moisturize to give your skin the vibrancy you want. If you want perkier skin and a slimmer face, moisturizing face masks are a perfect way to relax while also treating your skin to much-needed nutrients.

Common Ingredients in Face Masks

What gives face masks their powerful rejuvenating effect? Well, it depends on the mixture of the mask itself.

  • Hyaluronic acid: absolutely critical in maintaining skin hydration. Our bodies produce this naturally, however, most of us need a little beautifying boost.
  • Collagen: the most common protein in your body and commonly used to tighten skin in face masks.
  • PHA (gluconolactone): the most gentle exfoliant of them all. Cleanses and removes all that dirt you can’t see.
  • Beta carotene: a precursor to vitamin A, beta carotene is a natural antioxidant and replenishes damaged skin.

Of course, some face masks also boast other ingredients like Vitamin C, certain aloes, and other natural mixtures that give the face its glow.

Although face masks and patches are not a replacement for jawline or face exercise since they do not develop your muscles or necessarily tone your face, they’re still incredibly important to maintaining your beauty. Therefore, if you’re looking to tone your face with face or jawline exercises, we suggest also incorporating these face masks and patches into your daily beauty routine.

Our Picks: Moisturizing Face Masks You Should Check Out

Face bands are easy because you can just put them on and forget about them. One of their most popular use-cases is to slim the chin and neck. Our suggestion would be to use them a few times a week either before going to sleep or when you wake up to reduce morning face puffiness.

Golden Face Mask by Elixir Premium Lab

The spa-quality moisturizing face mask penetrates deep into skin giving it moisture and a youthful glow. The Golden Face Mask also evens your skin tone, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and exfoliates the entirety of your. Great for all skins types and highly-recommended.

Facial Hydrating Sheet by 17VDerma

This cute face hydrating mask for 17VDerma is something we’ve been looking for: a gentle formula that contains beta carotene, vitamins and antioxidants to tone and soothe your face. It’s ingredients make the mask ideal for dry or sensitive skin, man or woman. The Facial Hydrating Sheet is our special pick!

Moisture Recovery Sheet Mask by Eve Hansen

Eve Hansen has put out a beautifying mask that really impresses. This antioxidant-infused mask will provide needed moisture to your skin and radiate it. What’s best about the Moisture Recovery Sheet Mask is its unique formula of spinach, citrus, and red wine: the deep cleanse is something that will feel deeply satisfying after use.

Snail Jelly Face Mask by Skederm

We absolutely love this moisturizing face mask made with snail secretion filtrate SSF). We know what you’re thinking — is it gross? Actually, SSF has been linked to anti-aging, tissue repair, acne and scar removal, and moisturizes the entirety of your face. Mixed with hydrogel, the mask will make you feel fresh which is why it has won such high praise.

Aquagloss Mask Pack by Dr. Leewonseok

We were particularly impressed by the Aquagloss Mask Pack because of its effect in promoting skin elasticity. The Korean face mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other ingredients to lift the entire face. This mask is well-suited as a compliment to face exercises.

Gold Silicone Reusable Facial Mask by Vivor Beauty

If you’re looking for a luxury face mask, the Gold Silicone Reusable Facial Mask is our pick. Not only does it repair any damaged skin on your face, but it tightens the face as well. And unlike the other masks on this list, it will retain its power rejuvenating effect and hydration even after dozens of uses.  

Message Mask Sheet Pack by Namchini

We love this cute Korean moisturizing face mask: it’s calming, full-hydrating, and anti-aging. Plus, it’s fun to wear. Suitable for men or women, the Message Mask will fully rehydrate your face and we can’t recommend it highly enough.


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