Face Pulling: Is It Bogus?

Face Pulling

Some discussions have been had over at The Great Work’s community forums on face pulling. This experimental technique has been cited by some users as expanding their maxilla, mandible, and intermolar width.

Face pulling involves using your hands to apply pressure to alter your facial appearance. Users argue that the practice can alter the skull over time more drastically than chewing mastic gum or mewing. The idea is that sutures (the junctions connecting your skull) can be “popped” and split apart by applying force thereby allowing for increased bone growth in the face.

As you might imagine, the whole concept is incredibly controversial and has only started to appear online recently.

Do face pulling at your own risk. None of this has been tried in any clinical trials other than the reports from users on The Great Work forum.

How to Do Face Pulling

There are multiple ways to do face pulling. Generally, however, the technique involves using your thumbs to apply force to your palate.

face pulling

First, sit down at a desk. It’s easier this way. Then, you have to anchor your fingers to your forehead with your elbows on the desk. Tuck your chin into your neck. With your thumbs, press firmly on the inner side of your molars, your palate, and gums. Apply pressure either directly or in a kneading fashion (rotating your thumbs) to these areas of your palate. Users have suggested doing this for 2-3 minutes every hour when awake for 5 days, and rest for 10-12 days. Your sutures need time to heal so rest is crucial. Do not overdo it or you may end up doing permanent damage to yourself.

One user said that doing this method “while not exactly fun,” it nonetheless produced significant results. They were able to increase their intermolar width from 40mm to 45mm with the face pulling method.

Another user said that while face pulling, you can expect to hear one’s sutures “pop” while applying force. These are the sutures separating which will allow for bone expansion. This should be expected.

After doing face pulls for about a week, take a rest. Many users have said they experienced significant fatigue after face pulling. You should not overextend yourself. Rest is allegedly crucial for actual results. This is to be expected and your skull needs to heal.

However, it should be noted that there is no best way to adjust your fingers for face pulling. Neck muscles can be used to pull against the fingers on your palate as well, if necessary; regardless, you must be in tune with your body.

Keep in mind the disclaimer at the top of this post, though. Face pulling is not a proven, clinical method to stimulate changes to bone structure. If you are feeling unsure, it is best to stick with chewing mastic gum and mewing.

Recommended Supplements

Users on The Great Work forums have suggested taking Vitamin K2 Mk4 when practicing face pulling. Vitamin K2 is responsible for bone mineral density and growth. Mk4 is the best form of Vitamin K2 due to its high absorption rate.

Our suggestion would be to pick up Relentless Improvement Vitamin K2 Mk4 which has a high dosage rate. Each pill has the full clinical dosage of 15mg with 90 capsules per bottle.

Of course, face pulling should be accompanied by proper tongue posture (mewing) to make sure you are orienting your face correctly.

face pulling

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