How Often Should You Do Jaw Exercises?

Jaw Exercises

Jawline exercises are easy to do because you can incorporate them into your daily routine without needing to really adjust your current commitments. Once you start, you can say goodbye to saggy jowls and droopy skin! One of the most common questions we receive, however, is “how often should you do jaw exercises?”

So How Often Should You Do Jaw Exercises?

Well, that depends on what method you’re using. Most programs recommend following a set of exercises every day and having the odd day off to rest.

The duration of each set of jawline exercises will vary with each program you are using. It can often be so much simpler just to chew on biltang or mastic gum.

We suggest some further reading in our exhaustive guide on jawline exercises for more detailed information.

Chewing Mastic Gum (The Best Way)

By far the simplest method to incorporate into your daily life, you can chew mastic gum any time and anywhere. Mastic gum is so strong you could chew it all day and it still wouldn’t be worn out. It’s our recommendation to aim for at least 2-3 hours of chewing every day when you first start.

However, don’t do this consecutively: try chewing mastic gum for an hour and again later in the day. For example, get your jawline exercise in after lunch and then again after dinner or in the late afternoon. Frankly, it is up to you to best incorporate it into your daily routine, but we would recommend not chewing gum for more than three hours at a time especially if you’re just starting. This can cause serious muscle exhaustion which can lead to sagging jowls and is just a bad idea altogether.

If you feel like your jaw is exhausted after chewing, consider taking a break and taking it up again when your jawline muscles recover. Just like any other exercise, you actually do not gain anything by overworking your muscles. After some initial exhaustion, your muscles will strengthen over time and it is then that you will begin to see some definition in your jawline.

Jawline Exercise Tools

The amount of time you should be spending using jawline exercisers depends on which ones you’re doing and how new you are to the exercise. For example, Jawzersize recommends using their product for at least 20 minutes daily. JawFlex, on the other hand, is supposed to be used for only 5 minutes daily. How often should you do jaw exercises with one of these tools really depends on the intensity of the exercise.

Consult the respective product instructions for the exact recommended time you should spend using your jawline exerciser daily.

how often should you do jaw exercises

Other Exercises for Your Jaw

There exist other ways to workout your jaw which you can do just on your own without a device or mastic gum. Generally, you should look to spend around 10 minutes every day if doing DIY jawline and facial exercises.

For more information on these face exercise techniques, be sure to see our list of exercises.

Can You Do Too Much Facial Exercise?

Before we go, just one warning for you. There is such a thing as too much exercise, especially for your face. The programs and exercises we recommend should be considered as a full workout.

If you find you have a favorite exercise, which is easy to do, don’t just do that one exercise. Just doing the one exercise can cause a strain, on that area or the area around it – especially the jaw.

One follower of Face Yoga Method found herself doing the WOW exercise each time she was driving, as she enjoyed doing that exercise. However, she stained her jaw, and developed TMJ which can be very difficult to resolve.

You wouldn’t go to the gym and just focus on one ab or one leg, so don’t just focus on one part of your face. Stick to the full program and your face will develop tone across the whole face.

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