Jaw Exercises: How to Get That Chiseled Jawline

The epitome of male beauty is a chiseled jawline. For a man, a strong jawline goes with a muscular build: it denotes masculinity and good looks. For women, you want a slimmer​ face with a jawline that looks elegant and makes your smile more attractive. Regardless, having a sculpted jawline is not something that is handed down to you from birth. In fact, there are ways to transform your chin and jawline to have the definition you want. One of the best, non-intrusive ways to sculpt your face is by correcting your poise and working out your jaw and lower facial muscles.

However, before we get into the methods, you should know that the most determinative factor when it comes to your jawline and its definition is genetics. The other determinative factor to consider is your overall health. Simply put, if you keep your body fat percentage below 15%, your face will “pop” more. You will then look and feel more youthful, and people will surely notice. Genetics are not destiny, though. There are ways to better your profile without surgery. Best of all, jaw exercises work well for both men and women. So, let’s talk about all the ways to give your jaw the definition you’re looking for.

All the Possible Ways to Get a Chiseled Jawline

Like any other muscle in your body, your jawline’s own muscles can be toned with proper exercise. Of course, we use these muscles every day when we eat: however, this is not enough to tone your face unless you have a pure carnivore diet. By doing focused exercises that target the jawline, you can slim down your face and give your jawline definition. Best of all, face exercises for your jawline also slim down your neck since the exercises also workout your neck muscles.

You might not know this, but your jaw muscles are some of the strongest muscles in your body. Collectively, they can apply over 150 pounds of pure force when pushed to the test. Made up of four muscles, they are constantly in use. However, like any other muscle, they can start to sag as one gets older. Some of us, though, have always had saggy jowls and a poor profile for a myriad of reasons. Some of them are dietary, some are caused by improper posture. Regardless, there are luckily quite a few methods to better accentuate your jawline and make it impressionable—with some methods being better than others, of course.

Quick Note on Why Surgery Should Be the Absolute Last Option

The costliest way to achieve the chiseled jawline you want is through plastic surgery, popularly done by injecting dermal fillers like calcium hydroxylapatite into the bone of your jaw. The procedure makes your jowl more angular, but at a high price. Although the entire procedure is relatively short, taking only about 30 minutes, it will cost you a pretty penny and, on top of that, needs to be done every year.

The surgery option is admittedly a bit extreme and there’s no guarantee it will even work. After all, it’s not natural. You’re just covering up the problem and not working out your jawline muscles at all. I would personally not recommend this option unless you have a severe condition like a recessed chin or grossly malformed jowls. Consult your plastic surgeon or medical specialist for more information if you do end up going this route, but just know that it will most definitely be a painful, long process.

Jaw exercises, however, are the best non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery with more fitting, natural results. It is definitely, 100% worth a try before you consider any surgical options.

The Gum Method

The chewing gum method remains the best method for bettering your jawline. It also happens to be the most intuitive one. Chewing works out eight different muscles in your face and neck. It also goes a long way in reducing a double chin. After all, there’s a reason so many models chew gum before runway shows: it works out and tones your entire face while also being an excellent means of stress-relief. The process of chewing gum strengthens your face muscles, thus making them more accentuated and concave. It’s the ultimate, comprehensive jaw workout.

Chewing gum is, therefore, the single easiest and best way to improve your jawline and give it the chiseled definition you want. This is because not only is it incredibly easy and can be incorporated into your everyday routine seamlessly, but it is also ultimately good for your dental health if chew the right stuff.

Which Gum to Chew

You’re going to want to stay away from any gum with sugar or practically anything you find near the register at the grocery store. The everyday gum that is usually sold at kiosks and marts generally won’t last very long. The most long-lasting gum on the market perfect for daily jaw exercises is made from mastic, a resin from mastic trees commonly called “Arabic gum.”

Therefore, for jawline definition, your go-to gum should be mastic gum. Alternatively, you can also try Falim chewing gum if you don’t like the taste of mastic. These two are hands down your best options.

Falim Gum

When to Chew

Try to make chewing gum into an everyday activity when you’re doing work. When you’re on the computer, for example, is an excellent time to get chewing. Or maybe your commute is a better time to chew away on some mastic gum—regardless, it’s so easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Just make sure to always change the sides you chew on so your exercise both sides of your face evenly.

When Can I Expect Results?

Once I started chewing mastic gum regularly, I saw a noticeable definition in my jawline in just a month. However, initially chewing all the time can be tiring since your jaw muscles are not used to it. That’s OK: eventually, these muscles will strengthen and that’s when you will start to see your face get tone.

This user vigorously chewed for around 2 months, up to 8 hours a day. That’s a bit extreme, but still, it proves that chewing gum works. You can tone down the chewing to 2-3 hours a day, though.

As @krollic on The Great Works forum jokingly said, “That’s pretty amazing. Not sure if it’s worth the hair-loss though.”

Correct Your Tongue Posture with ‘Mewing’

For many of us without realizing it, we rest our tongues on the floor of our mouths. Oftentimes, this coincides with mouth-breathing which depresses your jowls and overall posture. When you only breathe through your mouth, your body is more oxygen-deprived which worsens your appearance overall.

In order to fix this, you need to adopt proper tongue posture. This means resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth instead of the bottom. You should notice immediately upon adopting this tongue position, your jaw moves slightly forward. Proper tongue posture has been commonly called “mewing” online, popularized by orthodontist Dr. Mew.

Mewing is essentially resting your entire tongue on your palate instead of the floor of your mouth. It’s that simple. The goal of mewing is to make this tongue posture like muscle memory. By making this the natural position for your tongue, you can give your jawline more definition over time. You will also see other benefits, like improved posture, less mouth breathing, and can ever cure some cases of sleep apnea.

By both adhering to a correct resting tongue posture and working out the jaw muscles, you can best craft and maintain a chiseled jawline. We recommend “mewing” be done in conjunction with chewing mastic gum or other jawline exercises.

Mewing: Chiseled Jawline
22 years old. Face change after 4 months, posted on r/orthotropics.
Age unknown, but mewing for a year.
Mewing Before and After (2 years)
Mewing over a 2 year period. Age unknown.

Many more before and after mewing photos can be found here.

Bear in mind, there’s still some debate about the effectiveness of mewing and age. Mewing is most effective when the body is still in development before the age of 18. However, there’s been plenty of evidence for tongue posture creating noticeable changes for much older people as well. You can find our long list of evidence for proper tongue posture here.

Mewing does not technically count as an exercise. However, it has to be mentioned in conjunction with jawline exercises since it is foundational. Mewing coupled with jawline exercises will give you the results you’re looking for. Your poise will become different as a result, and your jaw made more prominent.

For an in-depth explanation of mewing, the evidence for its effectiveness, and how it works, our article Everything You Need to Know about Mewing is a must read.

Another helpful guide on mewing is our Questions and Answers guide which covers just about any concerns may you have about mewing.

Use a Mouth Exerciser

Because jawline exercises have gotten more popular within the past year or two, some companies have created tools for a more effective workout. These jawline exercise balls, weights, and other devices are created to exercise your facial muscles. They can be used as an alternative to chewing mastic gum.

Although the mastic gum method remains the best method for defining your jawline, mouth exercisers can produce similar results. They may, in fact, get you that chiseled jawline quicker. Yet, chewing gum is overall more of a rounded exercise for your entire face and neck.

The two best jawline exercise tools on the market currently are Jwzrsize and Facial-Flex.

  • Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser is currently the most popular facial workout weight out today. The jawline exercise ball works over 50 muscles in your face and neck, increasing blood flow and oxygenation. Meant to be used for just 20 minutes a day, it can easily be incorporated into your existing daily routines or workouts. Customers have reported visible benefits. Jawzrsize comes in four levels: level one (20 lb. resistance), level two (30 lb. resistance), level three (40 lb. resistance), and level four (50 lb. resistance).
  • Facial-Flex is the only FDA-approved jawline exerciser characterized as a class-1 medical device. Targeting 30 or so muscles in your face, Facial-Flex is intended to keep your face vibrant and give your jawline more definition. It’s been known to be a more balanced face fitness workout than Jawzrsize.

There are other devices on the market like Revitabite, but users have reported poor results.

If you are just targeting your jawline, Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser has the most proven track record. However, if you want to give your jaw definition and also improve your entire facial appearance, you should try the more comprehensive Facial-Flex. Or, you could also just chew mastic gum long-term. You won’t see the effects as fast, but it’s a simpler, tried-and-true method.

Jawzrsize Before and After: Chiseled Jawline
Image courtesy of Jawzrsize. We can’t confirm the validity of these results, but they look promising.

For more information on jawline exercisers and tools, please read our extended article on the topic: The Best Mouth Exercisers and Jawline Exercise Tools.

Facial and Jawline Exercises (Without a Device)

There are other ways to give your jawline the definition you’re looking for without the use of devices or mastic gum. These, however, require more commitment. Standalone jaw workouts without a device can be done in conjunction with the other methods already mentioned.

These DIY jawline and face exercises have been proven repeatedly to produce significant results depending on which regiment you do.

Do Jawline Exercises Work?

In the past two decades, more and more dermatology studies have been popping up demonstrating that face exercises create desirable aesthetic results.

The short answer is: yes, they do work. There have been many reputable face fitness programs popping up because working out your face muscles has long-term benefits. For your soon-to-be chiseled jawline, you will be focusing on your masseter muscle which is most responsible for chewing. However, jaw exercises also work out your neck as well, thus reducing and possibly eliminating your double chin.

We compiled all the medical opinions, studies, and general medical evidence we could find in two of our complimentary articles:

Both are worth a read if you’re not convinced jaw exercises work or if you’re confused about which muscles are being targeted.

From face massages to ‘kissing the sky,’ there are multiple everyday facial exercises that you can incorporate into your routine. Do them in the comfort and privacy of your own home, though. Contorting your face to exercise your muscles might make your face look nicer and more toned, but if someone catches you doing this they might be freaked out!

All being said, the honest truth is that it’s hard to keep up with these on a daily basis. However, if you are able to incorporate them into your life, all the power to you! Try them while also chewing gum. Try them while also chewing gum.

Chiseled Jawline

Getting a Chiseled Jawline Fast: Other Jaw Exercises to Try

Here are some tried and true exercises for a more chiseled jawline.

The Rotating Chin

  1. Place your thumbs under your chin and apply slight pressure on the jawline.
  2. Press the tip of the tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  3. Begin to move thumbs on the chin in a circular motion along the bottom of the jaw and work your way up.
  4. Release thumbs and loosen the tongue.
  5. Repeat 8 times.

The Scream

Be in a seated position for this one.

  1. Rest your palms on your thighs.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. As you breathe out, bring your tongue all the way out in a cheeky way trying your hardest to reach your chin.
  4. Stay in this exaggerated scream pose for 10 seconds.
  5. Release. Inhale. Repeat 4 times to improve the skin elasticity of the cheek and chin muscles, and jawline.

The Craning Jaw

  1. Looking straightforward, place your fingertips on the top of your neck
  2. Tilt backward and pull down the skin on your neck simultaneously.
  3. Bring back your head to its upright position and relax.
  4. Repeat 2 times.

The Jutted Jaw

  1. Jut your lower lip out as far as possible.
  2. Place your fingers on your collarbone and tilt your neck so your chin points upwards.
  3. Make that facial expression where you pull the corners of your mouth down.
  4. Hold for 4 deep breaths.
  5. Release. Relax. Repeat.

Using these jaw muscle workouts, you can exercise and stretch your jaw muscles to accentuate your profile and the lower half of your face. You need to stick with these exercises consistently to see results. Most users see noticeable results in 6-8 weeks of daily use. Just treat these jaw workouts like brushing your teeth if you do commit to them.

If you specifically want to target your double chin prior to getting a chiseled jawline, please read our dedicated article on the relevant jaw exercises here.

Keep Your Chiseled Jawline Sharp: Other Factors to Consider

Working towards a chiseled jawline requires more than just chewing mastic gum or mewing. It requires you, first and foremost, to keep yourself in good health. Fat is distributed throughout your entire body, including your face. That means that losing weight overall will slenderize your face and accentuate your jaw.

Here’s some other things to keep in mind:

  • Maintain proper, upright posture: Staying upright and keeping your back straight will accentuate your best features in your face. Make sure your chin rests in a neutral position, 90 degrees from your neck.
  • Reduce your sodium intake: having too much sodium makes your skin puffy and will cause you to have excess water weight.
  • If you’re a man, use your facial hair: if you’re in the process of giving your jawline definition, you can use your beard to line your jaw during the early weeks of your jawline exercise regiment.

One of the great things about jawline exercises is that you will see significant improvement in not only your jowls, but also your entire face, neck, and chin. All of it tightens up, giving your entire appearance vibrancy and noticeable definition after prolonged practice.

On that note, go forth and put these lessons to good use! And if you find any success getting that chiseled jawline you’ve been looking for, please report back by leaving a comment or tell us about any methods we’ve missed. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. You should start by chewing 2-3 hours every day. Make sure to chew evenly on both sides (half on the left and half on the right) so you maintain balance in your jawline.

  2. Jawzrsize is a bit tougher, yes. However, it does come in different weights. Mastic gum can also be firm and hard to chew, as well.

    If you’re looking for something lighter, Falim gum does the trick. Chew it as long as you want, like regular gum except lasts much, much longer.


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