Is The New Jawliner Effective?

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Celebrities and their clear-cut jawlines can be an insane combination. Admit it! Each one of us has experienced a celebrity crush moment on a celebrity having a chiseled jawline at some point. Well, their secret’s out now. Check out the Jawliner Review – updated for 2021.

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Chewing Gum Isn’t Just For Bad Breath

Jawliner is an advanced jaw training device that works out three key muscles: the temporalis, masseter, and medial pterygoid. It’s ideal for a well-contoured jawline formation as it tones down the muscles of your face, skin, and neck areas.

There’s another reason for chewing gum – which is to give your jawline a workout. In this Jawliner Review, we’ll check out how this jaw training exercise tool works to create a defined jawline. There’s a lot to work through, so stick with us.

Jawliner – The New & Improved Version

The new jaw-toning equipment is frictionless and easy to chew. It’s made from 100% high-grade free food silicone and provides just the right amount of firmness due to its unique shape while chewing.

The New Jawliner is better than ever with enhanced developments and more durability. We did a lot of chewing in this Jawliner Review: when chewing, the improved design retains power and strength and offers a higher level of resistance with intensive jaw training.

So one of the main benefits of this new version is that it lasts a lot longer than their earlier version. You should expect to notice a clear difference in your jawline if you commit to the three-level pack.

Of course, if you are already a regular user of Jawliner, then you probably just need the Expert level.

What Are The Different Variants Of Jawliner?

The powerful Jawliner has three levels of variants – based on the hardness level. These levels are:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Expert

You can tell each Jawliner by its color: the beginner is light grey, the advanced is dark grey, and the expert is jet black. Regardless of the level of Jawliner you are using, they all possess mint flavor for a really pleasing taste and as an added benefit, you get a fresh breath while working out.

To get you started, you can choose the beginner one as it’s soft for a warm-up facial routine. The advanced Jawliner is a medium blend of both hard and soft, while the expert Jawliner is hard and highly recommended for professional or advanced facial workouts.

You can tell you are ready to move up to the next level either by advancing one level each fortnight or once you feel less tightening after each use.

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The package also includes a short manual as a guide for correct usage and a jawline workout plan with the purchase of any powerful variant. The guide helps to ensure that you get all the information required to get you started before your regular jawline exercise practice.

Jawliner Review: How Does Jawliner Work?

If you’re having trouble with how to get started help is at hand! Check out this easy step-by-step guide in our Jawliner review to give you the ultimate Jawliner workout.

1.   Placement

First, rinse your Jawliner with warm water. Then, take two Jawliners and place them inside your mouth on the right side of the molars – the flat teeth at the back.  

2.   Masticate

Start chewing the rough surface slowly and then hold on for a second. After that, continue for a minute until your jaw muscles start tiring out. Then, start chewing faster for another one minute.

3.   Switch Sides

It’s time to switch sides and place the Jawliners on your left molars while following the same pattern. Chew slowly and then hold still for a second. Then, continue chewing faster for a minute.

4.   Relax and Repeat

Good Job! Now, relax your jaw muscles for two minutes. Start again but, this time, place both the pair of gums on each side of your molar teeth. It might be harder to chew at first, so remain calm. Repeat the movements about 10-20 times, and you’re good to go!

Can You Use Jawliner And Do Mewing As Well?

The short answer is Yes! The Mewing Technique is an ideal method to achieve a sharp jawline, and the Jawliner is a powerful jaw training tool. These two make the perfect pair for a great facial workout routine.

If you want to try them together, here are some quick guidelines:

  • Place the Jawliners inside each side of your mouth at the back where the molars are present.
  • Now, stick the tongue to the roof of your mouth and slowly rest your molars against each other.
  • While doing all this, make sure that you close your mouth and breathe through your nose.

You can learn more about mewing in this article.

Can You Over Exercise Your Jaw?

As with any exercise program, it is possible to overdo it. Don’t exceed the Jawliner workout for more than 5-10 minutes. Also, don’t chew the Jawliners using incisors and canines to protect the product from tearing down.

One possible issue that some people experience when they exercise their jaw too much is TMJ. That should be a good enough reason to not overdo your facial exercises. In fact, set a timer so you don’t exceed the recommended 10 minutes exercise workout period.

Use Jawliner Every SECOND Day

If you work out on alternate days, you’ll notice the difference in your jawline soon. So, be patient and go through the whole manual before putting the JawLiner in your mouth. The rest day is important.

FAQ’s About The New Jawliner:

1. How Long Do Jawliners Last For?

If you are using the Jawliner as instructed – where you use it for no more than 10 minutes a day, and only on every second day, one Jawliner should last around three to six months.

2. Is There A Jawliner Discount Code?

You can use the discount code of JAWEX to get a 10% discount on your Jawliner order. You can order your Jawliner here.

3. Do You Have To Pay For Shipping?

Jawliner offers free shipping on international orders over 27€ (which is around $32 USD), and they ship to most countries. You can check out their website to see if they ship to your country.

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