The Latest Jawliner 3.0 – It’s simply the best!

how to use the latest jawliner

Jawliner continues to develop its jaw-defining tools. The latest Jawliner is the 3.0 which sets out to be even better than their previous jaw-defining tools. In this article, I’m completing a detailed review so you can decide if the new Jawliner is just what you have been looking for.

Created specifically to develop jawlines

Specifically created to train the jawline, it is small enough to ensure your jaw does not become damaged. I know I used to think the more you move around when exercising the better off you will be, but that is not always the case.

Think about some of the best exercises for abs, they are often the smaller moves that have the most impact, as they are targeting the jaw muscles in the best possible way to develop them. It’s a jaw muscle trainer that takes 10 minutes to use.

the best jawline exercise tool

This is especially true with any jawline exercise tool. If you chew excessively and with wider moves, you run the risk of causing your jaw some damage. So be careful out there, and ensure you follow the instructions.

The Jawliner 3.0 instructions say to use it every second day, and you just need to exercise up to 10 minutes a day. The main reason you want to stick to these rules is to avoid getting TMJ. That’s one jaw issue that can be hard to remediate.

Latest Jawliner has a one year warranty

While I have seen some reviews from some time ago saying their jawliner broke, it actually comes with a huge one-year warranty. Given how much stronger this new jawliner 3.0 is, I’m expecting it will last the full year.

The folks at Jawliner have improved their materials and have improved their durability by 80%. So it sounds like they have been really listening to their customer feedback which is always a good sign of a reputable company.

I’ve been using it every second day for three months now, and the little Jawliners are still working as expected. I have used each of the three levels of Jawliner from beginner to advanced.

Remember to read the instructions which do set out the terms of the warranty. One thing you must do is to just use the jawliner on the back molars only. If you chew them on the canines or the front teeth you will void the warranty.

How are the latest Jawliners packaged?

The Jawliner 3.0 packaging is stylish and practical. The latest Jawliners come in a black round container, just big enough for your two jawline exercise tools.

Here’s how they look when they arrived.

latest jawliner

Once you have finished exercising with them, they go right back into their container. Well, you should rinse them well with warm water after every use. Don’t use any harsh chemicals when you are cleaning the latest jawliners either.

What do the Jawliners taste like?

Before I first tasted the Jawliners, I was attracted to the smell. It’s a soft peppermint scent that really entices you to start using them. True to the smell, as soon as you start using them on your jawline, they taste just as you would expect.

Follow the detailed jawliner exercise instructions

The Jawliner 3.0 comes with a page of helpful instructions. If you follow these as I did, you will soon start noticing a sharper jawline. Here are the basics of the instructions:

  • Start the workout, after you have given your jawliner a quick rinse with water. Make sure you put them on the back molars
  • Use the right position – meaning put the dotted and curved side down on your molars. That keeps them nicely in place while you are exercising
  • Just chew slowly in a controlled manner until your muscles start to feel exhausted, then rest for a second. Do this for 2 minutes
  • Then chew faster for 2 minutes, but make sure you keep them in the right position – they shouldn’t be moving around.
  • Repeat the above two sets for 5 to 10 reps. Judge how you are feeling – there is no need to over do it!
  • Whip them out and give them a rinse off in warm water, before putting them back in their Jawliner container.
jawliner in container

For more information on how to use the latest jawliner, head over to the jawliner website.

Notice the difference from using the latest Jawliner

I’m loving how my jaw is looking too. From the first time I used it, I could feel it was working, but after a couple of weeks of using it, I am definitely noticing some changes.

As per the instructions, I’m advancing to the next level, where the instructions remain the same. It’s great only having to do this every second day. I’m often just reading the news while I am working out my jawline.

Check out my earlier review of the Jawliner 2.0. For a full review of all the other jawline exercise tools out there, check out this detailed review. To order the Jawliner head over to the Jawliner website.

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