Best Chewing Gum for Jawline

Chewing gum remains the best way to give your profile and jawline more definition. The idea behind chewing gum is simple. By chewing, you strengthen your face muscles and this tightens your face. Best of all, it’s easy to do.

Chewing actually works by targetting the three main muscles of mastication. The temporalis muscle allows us to close our mouth and move it from side to side. The masseter muscle is the force behind chewing and applies the pressure. Finally, the pterygoid muscles are responsible for opening the mouth and assisting in chewing.

does chewing gum give me a better jawline?

So, chewing is actually a complex process involving multiple muscle groups. This is what you’ll be targeting to sharpen your profile. In short, chewing gum for your jawline works—but you need to chew the right gum to see results.

Picking the Right Chewing Gum Is Crucial

If you want a better profile, you’re not going to see any results with regular chewing gum. Instead, you need gum that is resilient and can be chewed for a long time. This is really important.

The single, best chewing gum for your jawline is mastic gum. Originally from Greece, you can chew for as long as you please. Chewing mastic gum is also incredibly healthy and has been linked to healthy GI health. So, you’re going to want to go with mastic gum to better your profile.

There are a few tried-and-true brands that sell authentic mastic gum from Greece. My favorite is by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association (pictured below). However, Krinos and ELMA are both high-quality, sun-dried mastic gum. You really can’t go wrong with any of these.

For more information on mastic gum, I suggest you read my detailed post on the topic.

Some people aren’t into mastic gum, though. Maybe you don’t like the taste. That’s OK, luckily there is a just-as-good alternative: Turkish Falim gum. I personally love chewing Falim because it’s sugar-free, resilient and lasts forever. Falim comes in flavors like strawberry, mint, and watermelon or plain. I prefer mint and plain.

Chew to Your Heart’s Content

So, those are your two options: mastic gum or Falim gum. Either of these chewing gums works for your jawline. You’ll never have to worry about the gum falling apart in your mouth. They’re resilient and you’ll be surprised how long they last.

Chew either of them for 2 hours a day while you’re on the computer or doing everyday things. You’ll feel your face tighten and you might actually find it relieves stress. Try it out!

For more information on jawline exercises, be sure to read our guide How to Get a Chiseled Jawline: The Proven Methods.

Have you seen results chewing mastic or Falim gum? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.