V-Line Face Shape

The v-line face shape has been buzzing in beauty circles after first being popularized in East Asia years ago. The youthful v-shape enhances one’s cheeks and jawline, generally seen as highly desirable, but luckily you don’t need surgery to achieve this standard of beauty. In fact, you can contour and tone your face to get the v-shape definition you want with a simple, daily beauty regimen.

How Did the V-Line Face Shape Become Popular?

The v-line face shape was popularized in Seoul, South Korea and quickly spread throughout the country and around the world. Popularized by K-pop styles and fashion stars within Korea, the v-line has become a sought-after look. Most women today are looking for a thinner and tighter face which accentuates their jawline, cheeks, and neck. The v-line accentuates these features by giving the face a desirable softness.

V-Line Face Shape

How to Achieve the V-line Face

Although v-line surgery options do exist to mold the lower-half of your face to give you this kind of definition, we would recommend against it. Not only is it scary to have your face go under the knife, but it is just plain unnecessary. It’s also not worth spending your money on.

The best way to achieve a v-shaped face is through the use of face masks and natural face-toning treatments. These v-line face masks reduce puffiness, sharpen the lower-half of your face, and shrink any excess fat. All of this will create the silhouette that you’re looking for. A natural, non-invasive way to achieve the beautiful look you want: what more could you ask for?

If you want to keep your face tight after you begin to see results with v-line face masks, you might want to also look into face exercises. You can find our comprehensive guide on the topic here. 

Here are our favorite v-line face treatment options. They are the ones we’ve found to be the most effective to change your face shape naturally.

Our Recommendations: Face Masks and Patches for a V-line Face

V-Line Lifting Mask by H-Art

This highly-rated mask is designed to not only lift your chin to create a v-shaped face, but also reduces wrinkles and moisturizes the skin with vitamins and nutrients. Easy to put on, it’s meant to be worn during the entire night while you’re asleep. Amazingly, we’ve also noticed that the V-Line Lifting Mask also significantly reduces double chins. This is accomplished by tightening the skin and is why it is our top pick.

Lifting Patch for Chin-Up and V-Line by SKEDERM

The Lifting Patch for Chin-Up and V-Line stood out to us as being one of the few patches for the v-line face that is clinically-tested. Your profile and silhouette will sharpen tremendously by just wearing this after you wake up. It also reduces morning skin puffiness. Best of all, it’s free of synthetic fragrance and chemicals thus making it beneficial to all skin types.  

I’m V-Tox Patch by KARATICA

The I’m V-Tox Patch has been a hit product in South Korea because it has been proven to contour the face into a v-shape. The patch also reduces wrinkles, increases blood flow, and makes the skin more elastic and soft. KARATICA is also an award-winning cosmetic brand in South Korea that only recently began to market their products to the rest of the world. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Diamond V-Fit Mask by Mask House

Another hit product from South Korea, the Diamond V-Fit Mask has been much-talked about on Korean shows and by celebrities. The results by reviewers has been incredibly positive with some highlighting that they managed to shed a centimeter or two from the lower-half of their face after use and achieve a noticeable v-shaped face.

Vela Contour by Anacis

The Vela Contour is an interesting inclusion on this list because it also comes with its own cream which is to be used with the mask. Together, they create more supple, tighter skin on your face. The entire package boasts a three-in-one solution: neck firming, double chin removal, and contouring the lower-half of the face to give you the v-shaped face you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you Vela Contour can be purchased with just the cream and their anti-wrinkle serum made from herbal extract. It’s been met with rave reviews for its visible skin-tightening effects after just one bottle used.

V-Line Facial Mask by Rubelli

Quite popular in South Korea, this face mask is a bit different than the other recommendations on our list. The V-Line Facial Mask wraps around the entirety of your head and lifts your face upwards with the help of its built-in heating mechanism. Wearing this band daily will make your skin tighter and give your entire face a lift.

Have any of these v-line face contouring methods worked for you personally as they have for us? Let us know how you achieved your look in the comments below.


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